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Karina Abitaev

PhD Student
Sottmann Group


+49 711 685 64502

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 9-501


Polymer-Based Porous Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Functionalization

  1. Kirchhof, M., Abitaev, K., Abouhaileh, A., Gugeler, K., Frey, W., Zens, A., Kästner, J., Sottmann, T., Laschat, S.: Interplay of Polarity and Confinement in Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Rh Diene Complexes in Microemulsions. Chemistry – A European Journal. 27, 16853–16870 (2021).
  2. Deimling, M., Kousik, S.R., Abitaev, K., Frey, W., Sottmann, T., Koynov, K., Laschat, S., Atanasova, P.: Hierarchical Silica Inverse Opals as a Catalyst Support for Asymmetric Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis with Chiral Rh-diene Complexes. ChemCatChem. 13, 1–12 (2021).
  3. Abitaev, K., Qawasmi, Y., Atanasova, P., Dargel, C., Bill, J., Hellweg, T., Sottmann, T.: Adjustable polystyrene nanoparticle templates for the production of mesoporous foams and ZnO inverse opals. Colloid and Polymer Science. 299, 243--258 (2021).
  4. Kousik, S., Sipp, D., Abitaev, K., Li, Y., Sottmann, T., Koynov, K., Atanasova, P.: From Macro to Mesoporous ZnO Inverse Opals: Synthesis, Characterization and Tracer Diffusion Properties. Nanomaterials. 11, 196 (2021).
  5. Kirchhof, M., Gugeler, K., Fischer, F.R., Nowakowski, M., Bauer, A., Alvarez-Barcia, S., Abitaev, K., Schnierle, M., Qawasmi, Y., Frey, W., Baro, A., Estes, D.P., Sottmann, T., Ringenberg, M.R., Plietker, B., Bauer, M., Kästner, J., Laschat, S.: Experimental and Theoretical Study on the Role of Monomeric vs Dimeric Rhodium Oxazolidinone Norbornadiene Complexes in Catalytic Asymmetric 1,2- and 1,4-Additions. Organometallics. 39, 3131--3145 (2020).
Since 12/2018 PhD Thesis, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, group of Prof T. Sottmann

10/2016 – 10/2018

M. Sc. in Chemistry, University of Stuttgart
Profile: Materials and Functional Molecules
Thesis: Synthesis of polymer nanoparticles: Influence of particle size and polydispersity on the pore size of nanofoams; group of Prof. T. Sottmann

10/2013 ­– 09/2016

B. Sc. in Chemistry, University of Stuttgart
Thesis: N,N‘-Diamidocarbene and Thiazol-2-ylidene based Molybdenum Imido Alkylidene NHC Complexes; group of Prof. M. R. Buchmeiser

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