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Dominik Bloos


van Slageren Group


+49 711 685-64478

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 8.304


Magneto-optical Investigations of novel 2D-Materials

Within this project the electronic properties of novel 2D-materials as graphene are investigated by magneto-optical methods, in particular high frequency microwave spectroscopy. Main focus is on understanding of the interaction of microwaves with the 2D electron gas of graphene systems. Influences of the used contacts, which is a common problem of classical magneto-transport measurements, can be avoided by spectroscopy. This knowledge can be used to improve large-scale production of graphene.

D. Bloos, J. Kunc, L. Kaeswurm, R. L. Myers-Ward, K. Daniels, M. Dejarld, A. Nath, J. van Slageren, K. Gaskill, P. Neugebauer
Contactless millimeter wave method for quality assessment of large area graphene
2D Mater., 6, 035028 (2019)
P. Neugebauer, D. Bloos, R. Marx, P. Lutz, M. Kern, D. Aguilà, J. Vaverka, O. Laguta, C. Dietrich, R. Clérac, J. van Slageren,
Ultra-broadband EPR spectroscopy in field and frequency domains,
PhysChemChemPhys, 20, 15528 - 15534 (2018)
J. Rozbořil, Y. Rechkemmer, D. Bloos, F. Münz, C.N. Wang, P. Neugebauer, J. Čechal, J. Novák, J. van Slageren
Magneto-optical investigations of molecular nanomagnet monolayers
Dalton Trans., 45, 7555-7558 (2016)
2019 - present Post Doc
2014 - 2019 PhD Thesis 
2014 Diploma Thesis: Verbesserung des Stuttgarter Hochfrequenzelektronenspinresonanzspektrometers
2007 - 2014 Diploma student (Chemistry) at the University of Stuttgart
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