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Lukas Koch

PhD Student

Stubenrauch group


+49 711 685-64447
+49 711 685-64443

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 9.358


  1. 2021

    1. Hamann, M., Quell, A., Koch, L., Stubenrauch, C.: On how the Morphology Affects Water Release of Porous Polystyrene. Materials Today Communications. 102087 (2021).
    2. Koch, L., Botsch, S., Stubenrauch, C.: Emulsion templating: Unexpected morphology of monodisperse macroporous polymers. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 582, 834–841 (2021).
  2. 2020

    1. Koch, L., Drenckhan, W., Stubenrauch, C.: Porous polymers via emulsion templating: pore deformation during solidification cannot be explained by an osmotic transport! Colloid and Polymer Science. (2020).
    2. Carballido, L., Dabrowski, M.L., Dehli, F., Koch, L., Stubenrauch, C.: Monodisperse liquid foams via membrane foaming. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 568, 46–53 (2020).

since 11/2017: PhD Thesis, University of Stuttgart, Germany, group of Prof. C. Stubenrauch

02/2017 - 07/2017: Master Thesis, University of Regensburg, Germany,
Topic: “Temperature-induced extraction and separation of lanthanides in pre-ouzo systems”

10/2015 – 09/2017: M. Sc. Complex Condensed Materials and Soft Matter (COSOM), University of Regensburg, Germany

10/2012 – 08/2015: B. Sc. in Chemistry, University of Regensburg, Germany

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