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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Cosima Stubenrauch

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Phone +49 (0)711/685-64470
Fax +49 (0)711/685-64443
Office 09.303
eMail mailto icon cosima.stubenrauch @ ipc.uni-stuttgart.de
Address Institut für Physikalische Chemie
Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart

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hoch Professional
Curriculum Vitae
since 11/2014 Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, University Stuttgart, http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/chemie
10/2012-11/2014 Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, University Stuttgart
since 04/2010 Docent in Physical Chemistry in Thin Films, Impressum | externer Link KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
since 09/2009 Full Professor, Chair of Physical Chemistry of Condensed Matter, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
10/2009 – 11/2012 Visiting Professor, Impressum | externer Link University College Dublin, Ireland
03/2009 – 08/2009 Associate Professor (designate), University College Dublin, Ireland
10/2007 – 02/2009 Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin, Ireland
01/2005 – 09/2007 Lecturer, University College Dublin, Ireland
01/12/2004 Habilitation in Physical Chemistry, Universität zu Köln, Germany, Topics: "Thin Liquid Films, Foams, Lyotropic Liquid Crystals, Microemulsions"
09/1999 – 12/2004 Researcher and Lecturer, Universität zu Köln, Germany, group of Prof. R. Strey
06/1998 – 08/1999 PostDoc position, Université Paris Sud, France, group of Prof. D. Langevin
05/1994 – 12/1997 PhD Thesis in Physical Chemistry, Technical Universität Berlin, Germany, group of Prof. G. H. Findenegg (summa cum laude), Topic: "Microemulsions supported by alkylglucosides from the macroscopic and NMR-spectroscopic point of view"
23/03/1994 Diploma in Chemistry, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany, group of Prof. H. Finkelmann
1988 – 1994 Study of Chemistry, Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, and Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany
Visiting Scientist
23/04 – 31/07/2014 KTH Stockholm, Sweden
08/02 – 11/02/2011 TU Berlin, Germany
01/07 – 25/07/2008 Université de Montreal, Canada
01/06 – 31/07/2007 Université Denis Diderot, Paris, France
10/03 – 23/03/2007 Yokohama National University, Japan
27/06 – 09/07/2005 Yokohama National University, Japan
13/08 – 24/09/2004 Cornell University, Ithaca, USA
03 – 04/1997 Yokohama National University, Japan
06/1995 Lund University, Sweden
Honours & Awards 12 (9 national and 3 international)
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Fund Raising Total ~ 6.8 million € (3.9 million € for own research)
Number of Publications 145, including 14 reviews, 6 book articles, 1 patent
(1989 citations, H-factor = 24 according to science citation index)
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Number of Oral Presentations 150 altogether – 49 conference & workshop contributions (27 invited talks), 89 invited seminars, 12 presentations at industrial companies
Professional Associations Member of GDCh (German Chemical Society)
Member of Deutsche Bunsengesellschaft (German Physical Chemistry Society)
Member of Deutsche Kolloidgesellschaft (German Colloid Society)
Committee Work Impressum | externer Link GDCh-Fachgruppe Chemie des Waschens (subdivision "Chemistry of Washing" of the German Chemical Society)
Advisory Board of the Journal Tenside, Surfactants, Detergents
Council Member of the IACIS (International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists)
Member of the Organizing Committee of the 25th ECIS (2011 in Berlin)

hoch Teaching
since 2011 Chemistry of the Atmosphere, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
since 2009 Physical Chemistry (Lectures and Seminars), Universität Stuttgart, Germany
2005 – 2009 Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, University College Dublin, Ireland
2005 – 2009 Applied Chemistry, University College Dublin, Ireland
1999 – 2004 Seminars accompanying Laboratory I and II, Universität Köln, Germany
2000 – 2003 Lecture Series on Interfaces and Colloid Science, Universität Köln, Germany
2003 – 2004 Physical Chemistry 1 and 2, Universität Köln, Germany
2005 – 2009 Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory 1, University College Dublin, Ireland
1995 – 2004 Physical Chemistry Laboratories I and II, Universität Berlin & Universität Köln, Germany

hoch Research
Research Interests
vor Surfaces – Films – Foams
vor Gelled Complex Fluids
vor Colloidal Systems as Templates
vor Tailor-Made Surfactants
Recent Publications
[120] Phosphine Oxide Surfactants Revisited, J. C. Stubenrauch, N. Preisig, R. Laughlin, ACIS, 2016, 230, 2-12 (Review).
[119] Alcohol as Tuning Parameter in an IL-containing Microemulsion: The Quaternary System EAN − n-Octane − C12E3 − 1-Octanol, J. C. Thater, T. Sottmann, C. Stubenrauch, COLSUA, 2016, 494, 139-146.
[118] Reactive Extraction of Lactic Acid using Tri-n-Octylamine: Structure of the Ionic Phase, M. Aimer, E. Klemm, B. Langanke, H. Gehrke, C. Stubenrauch, Chem. Eur. J., 2016, 22, 3268-3272.
[117] (a) Gelled Complex Fluids: Combining Unique Structures with Mechanical Stability, C. Stubenrauch, F. Gießelmann, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2016, 131, 3268-3275; (b) Gelierte Komplexe Fluide: Die Verbindung einzigartiger Strukturen mit mechanischer Stabilität, C. Stubenrauch, F. Gießelmann, Angew. Chem., 2015, 131, 3324-3332 (Review).
[116] Activity of of Squalene-Hopene Cyclases in Bicontinuous Microemulsions, A. K. Steudle, B. M. Nestl, B. Hauer, C. Stubenrauch, COLSUB, 2015, 135, 735-741.
[115] Gelled lyotropic liquid crystals: one more type of orthogonal self-assembled systems, Y. Xu, M. Laupheimer, N. Preisig, T. Sottmann, C. Schmidt, C. Stubenrauch, Langmuir, 2015, 31, 8589-8598.
[114] αs-Casein – PE6400 mixtures: Thermodynamics of micelle formation, A. Kessler, J. Weiss, C. Stubenrauch, Tenside Surf. Det., 2015, 52, 351-361 (cover picture).
[113] Conformation and Activity of Lipase B from Candida antarctica in Bicontinuous Microemulsions, M. Subinya, A. K. Steudle, T. P. Jurkowski, C. Stubenrauch, COLSUB, 2015, 131, 108-114.
[112] Monodisperse Polystyrene Foams via Microfluidics – A Novel Templating Route, A. Quell, J. Elsing, W. Drenckhan, C. Stubenrauch, Adv. Eng. Mat., 2015, 17, 604-609.
[111] The Molecular Organogel n-Decane / 12-Hydroxyoctadecanoic Acid: Sol-Gel Transition, Rheology, and Microstructure, M. Laupheimer, N. Preisig, C. Stubenrauch, COLSUA, 2015, 469, 315-325.
[110] Effect of sodium halides on the surface structure of foam films stabilized by a non-ionic surfactant, Ch. Ridings, C. Stubenrauch, G. Andersson, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119, 441-448.
[109] Effects of Protonation on Foaming Properties of Dodecyldimethylammonium Oxide Solutions: A pH-study, K. Schellmann, N. Preisig, P. Claesson, C. Stubenrauch, Soft Matter, 2015, 11, 561-571.
[108] Nanoparticles via Oil-in-Water Microemulsions stabilized by a technical grade surfactant: an economical and ecological approach, R. Y. G. König, C.Stubenrauch, Tenside Surf. Det., 2015, 52, 106-111.
[107] Nanoparticles via Oil-in-Water Microemulsions: a solvent-reduced, energy-efficient approach, R.Y.G. König, C. Schlick, W. Sigle, C. Stubenrauch, Z. Phys. Chem., 2015, 229(7-8), 1041-1054 - Special Issue: Self-Assembled Soft Matter Nano-Structures at Interfaces Dedicated to Gerhard Findenegg on the occasion of his 75th birthday; R. v. Klitzing, M. Gradzielski (eds.).
[106] Hydrolysis of hydrophobic esters in a bicontinuous microemulsion catalysed by lipase B from Candida antarctica, A. K. Steudle, M. Subinya, B. Nestl, C. Stubenrauch, Chem. Eur. J., 2015, 21, 2691-2700.
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