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Maximilian Krappel

Doctoral Researcher
Sottmann Group


+49 711 685 64511
+49 711 685 64443

Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 9-356


Technically Relevant Microemulsions: Properties and Their Prediction

  1. Schüttner, S., Krappel, M., Koziol, M., Marquart, L., Schneider, I., Sottmann, T., Frey, H.: Anionic Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Farnesyl Glycidyl Ether: Fast Access to Terpenoid-Derived Amphiphilic Polyether Architectures. Macromolecules. 56, 6928--6940 (2023).
  2. Schneider, K., Verkoyen, P., Krappel, M., Gardiner, C., Schweins, R., Frey, H., Sottmann, T.: Efficiency Boosting of Surfactants with Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(alkyl glycidyl ether)s: A New Class of Amphiphilic Polymers. Langmuir. 36, 9849--9866 (2020).
since 01/2020 Doctoral Researcher, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, group of Prof. Thomas Sottmann
01/2019 - 05/2019 Thesis for First State Examination, Universität Stuttgart, Germany, group of Prof. Thomas Sottmann. Title: "Efficiency Boosting of Surfactants to Stabilize Microemulsions with the Aid of Block Copolymers of the Type Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(alkyl glycidyl ether)"
08/2018 - 12/2018  Exchange Semester, St. Francis Xavier University, NS, Canada
10/2013 - 11/2019 Teacher Training Certificate (First State Examination) for Chemistry and English, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
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