Biomedical Microsystems

Cyber Valley Research Group

Independent Group Leader Dr. Tian Qiu

Advances in minimally invasive procedures and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly impacting medical care. Future developments depend on a close interplay between hardware and its integration with big data and AI. We are interested in developing tools that collect large amounts of data and to learn from the data to understand the underlying principles. With close collaborations with medics, the Cyber Valley research group at the University of Stuttgart focuses on the two following aspects:


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Highlights in the media

Dr. Qiu received ERC Starting Grant "VIBEBOT", 1.5 Million euros to research on micro-robots for minimally-invasive medicine. Press release

Dr. Qiu presented the research to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Baden-Württemberg’s Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann: Press release

Dr. Qiu's interviews at "Made in Science" and the Cyber Valley Podcast about AI and Medicine

Organ Phantom: Südwest PresseStuttgarter Zeitung,,  Innovations Report

Micro-/Nano-robots: Nature Reserach Highlights,  Science Videos, BIOPRO Baden Wüttermberg,  3SAT NANO

Medical collaborators

Section for Urotechnology, University Hospital Freiburg

Clinic for Urology, University Hospital Mannheim

Experimental Surgical Endoscopy Group, University Hospital Tübingen

Ophthalmology, University Hospital Tübingen

Third-party fundings

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Tian Qiu


Independent Cyber Valley Group Leader

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