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Current topics for research internships or theses:

LLC phases of block-copolymers:

  • Screen amphiphilic polymers designed by the Adams group for their LLC properties
  • Record LLC phase diagram(s) by means of POM and DSC
  • Characterize structures of LLC phases by SAXS

Macro/mesoporous silica materials:

  • Prepare silica materials which contain both macro- and mesopores by combining TLCT and polystyrene particles
  • Investigate structure by SAXS, TEM and SEM
  • Explore possibilities for selective functionalization and continuous flow processes

Silification of CNC-films:

  • Fabricate silica/CNC composite films
  • Investigate selective reflection by POM, UV-Vis and IR spectroscopy
  • Correlate helical pitch to the silica content and preparation conditions
This image shows Johanna Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner


Research Group Leader

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