Microfluidic Device with High-Speed Camera

Model Elveflow Pressure Controller OB1 MkII, ELVESYS Innovation Center

Set-up for generating monodisperse droplets and bubbles

Microfluidics handle fluids and gases in the micrometer-scale. The overall microfluidic device (Fig. 1) consits of a pressure controller OB1 MKII and a microfluidic chip. The pressure controller regulates the incoming gas pressure which sets the continuous and dispersed phases in motion (pressure driven flow). The two phases then enter the microfluidic chip, where monodisperse droplets or bubbles can be formed. The design of the microfluidic chip (Fig. 2) allows control of the size of the formed droplets and bubbles. Droplet and bubble formation can be monitored by a microscope with attached high-speed camera (1000 fps at 800x600 px).

Fig. 1 Overall set-up of the microfluidic device.
Fig. 2 Schematic drawing of the flow focusing chip geometry.
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