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Nadia Kapernaum


Senior Scientist
Giesselmann group


Pfaffenwaldring 55
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 9-103


  • X-ray studies of smectic liquid crystalline phases
  • Ionic liquid crystals
Röntgenuntersuchungen zur smektischen Ordnung ausgewählter Flüssigkristalle
N. Kapernaum
Diplomarbeit, Universität Stuttgart 2005
Electroclinic effect in chiral SmA* liquid crystals induced by atropisomeric biphenyl dopants: amplification of the electroclinic coefficient using achiral additives
C. S. Hartley, N. Kapernaum, J. C. Roberts, F. Giesselmann and R. P. Lemieux
Journal of Materials Chemistry
16, 2329-2337 (2006)
Smectic E Mesophases in a Series of 2-(4-n-Alkylphenyl)indenes
S. Schultz, G. Kehr, R. Fröhlich, G. Erker, N. Kapernaum, C. Hägele, F. Giesselmann, S. Laschat, R. Judele, and A. Baro
Liquid Crystals
34 (8), 919-926 (2007)
Design of Liquid Crystals with "de Vries-Like" Properties: Organosiloxane Mesogen with a 5-Phenylpyrimidine Core
J. C. Roberts, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, R. P. Lemieux
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130, 13842-13843 (2008)
Fast switching organosiloxane ferroelectric liquid crystals
J. C. Roberts, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, M. D. Wand, R. P. Lemieux
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18, 5301-5306 (2008)
Effect of lateral methoxy substitution on mesomorphic and structural properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
A. Bubnov, M. Kaspar, V. Novotna, V. Hamplova, M. Glogarova, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann
Liquid Crystals 35 (11), 1329-1337 (2008)
Simple experimental assessment of smectic translational order parameters
N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann
Physical Review E 78, 062701 (2008)
On the Origin of the 'Giant' Electroclinic Effect in a 'De Vries'-Type Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material for Chirality Sensing Applications
N. Kapernaum, D. M. Walba, E. Korblova, C. Zhu, C. Jones, Y. Shen,
N. A. Clark, F. Giesselmann
ChemPhysChem 10, 890-892 (2009)

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First photoresponsive liquid-crystalline materials with small layer shrinkage at the transition to the ferroelectric phase
V. Novotna, V. Hamplova, A. Bubnov, M. Kaspar, M. Glogarova, N. Kapernaum, S. Bezner, F. Giesselmann
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19, 3992-3997 (2009)
Molecular length distribution and the formation of smectic phases
N. Kapernaum, C. S. Hartley, J. C. Roberts, R. P. Lemieux, F. Giesselmann
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry  5, 65 (2009)
Design of Liquid Crystals with "de Vries-like" Properties: Frustration between SmA- and SmC-Promoting Elements
J. C. Roberts, N. Kapernaum, Q. Song, D. Nonnenmacher, K. Ayub, F. Giesselmann, R. P. Lemieux
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, 364-370 (2010)
Systematic Variation of Length Ratio and the Formation of Smectic A and Smectic C Phases
N. Kapernaum, C. S. Hartley, J. C. Roberts, F. Schoerg, D. Krueerke, R. P. Lemieux, F. Giesselmann
ChemPhysChem 11, 2099-2107 (2010)
Study of de Vries behaviour of the smectic A* - smectic C* phase transition
N. Podoliak, V. Novotna, M. Glogarova, V. Hamplova, M. Kaspar, A. Bubnov, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann
Phase Transitions 83, 1026-1036 (2010)
Conference Report: 38th German Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals
D. Nonnenmacher, F. Schoerg, N. Kapernaum, D. Krueerke
Liquid Crystals Today 20, 22-24 (2011)
Microfluidic Synthesis of Highly Shape-Anisotropic Particles from Liquid Crystalline Elastomers with Defined Director Field Configurations
C. Ohm, N. Kapernaum, D. Nonnenmacher, F. Giesselmann, C. Serra, R. Zentel
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133, 5305-5311 (2011)
Molecular theory of smectic ordering in liquid crystals with nanoscale segregation of different molecular fragments
M. V. Gorkunov, M. A. Osipov, N. Kapernaum, D. Nonnenmacher, F. Giesselmann
Physical Review E 84, 051704 (2011)
Formation of smectic phases in binary liquid crystal mixtures with a huge length ratio
N. Kapernaum, F. Knecht, C. S. Hartley, J. Roberts, R. P. Lemieux, F. Giesselmann
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry  8, 1118-1125 (2012)
One-piece micropumps from liquid crystalline core-shell particles
E. K. Fleischmann, H. L. Liang, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, J. Lagerwall, R. Zentel
Nature Communications 3, 1178 (2012)
Microactuators from a main-chain liquid crystalline elastomer via thiol-ene "click" chemistry
E. K. Fleischmann, F. R. Forst, K. Köder, N. Kapernaum, R. Zentel
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1, 5885 (2013)
Chiral isotropic sponge phase of hexatic smectic layers of achiral molecules
D. Chen, Y. Shen, J. Aguero, E. Korblova, D. M. Walba, N.Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, J. Watanabe, J. E. Maclennan, M. A. Glaser, N. A. Clark
ChemPhysChem 15,1502 (2014)
Dispersion of multi-wall carbon nanotubes in ferroelectric liquid crystals
M. Yakemseva, I. Dierking, N. Kapernaum, N. Usoltseva, F. Giesselmann
The European Physical Journal E 37, 7 (2014)
Tuning the mesogenic properties of 5-alkoxy-2-(4-alkoxyphenyl)pyrimidine liquid crystals: the effect of a phenoxy end-group in two isometric series
M. Thompson, C. Carkner, A. Bailey, N. J. Mosey, N. Kapernaum, R. P. Lemieux
Liquid Crystals 41 (9), 1246-1260 (2014)
Photoresponsive ionic liquid crystals based on azobenzene guanidinium salts
E. Wuckert, M. D. Harjung, N. Kapernaum, C. Mueller, W. G. Frey, A. Baro, F. Giesselmann, S. Laschat
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 8382-8392 (2015)
Tuning the mesomorphic properties of phenoxy-terminated smectic liquid crystals: the effect of fluoro substitution
M. Thompson, C. Carkner, N. J. Mosey, N. Kapernaum, R. P. Lemieux
Soft Matter 11, 3860-3868 (2015)
Discotic liquid crystals
T. Wöhrle, I. Wurzbach, J. Kirres, A. Kostidou, N. Kapernaum, J. Litterscheidt, J. C. Haenle, P. Staffeld, A. Baro, F. Giesselmann, S. Laschat
Chemical Reviews 116, 1139-1241 (2016)
Structured light enables biomimetic swimming and versatile locomotion of photoresponsive soft microrobots
S. Palagi, A.G. Mark, S.Y. Reigh, K. Melde, T. Qiu, H. Zeng, C. Parmeggiani, D. Martella, A. Sanchez-Castillo, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, D.S. Wiersma, E. Lauga, P. Fischer
Nature Materials 15, 647-653 (2016)
Manipulating the twist sense of helical nanofilaments of bent-core liquid crystals using rod-shaped, chiral mesogenic dopants
M.R. Tuchband, D. Chen, B. Horanyi, M. Shuai, Y.Q. Shen, E. Korblova, D.M. Walba, N. Kapernaum, F. Giesselmann, M.A. Glaser, J.E. Maclennan, N.A. Clark
Liquid Crystals 43, 1083-1091 (2016)
First Examples of de Vries-like Smectic A to Smectic C Phase Transitions in Ionic Liquid Crystals
N. Kapernaum, C. Müller, S. Moors, M.C. Schlick, E. Wuckert, S. Laschat, F. Giesselmann
ChemPhysChem 17, 4116-4123 (2016)
Hunting for smectic C in calamitic azobenzene ionic liquid crystals with different cationic head groups
N. Kapernaum, E. Wuckert, W. Frey, S. Marino, M. Wahl, F. Giesselmann, S. Lascshat
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 31, e3779 (2018)
Large Electro-Optic Kerr Effect in Ionic Liquid Crystals: Connecting Features of Liquid Crystals and Polyelectrolytes
M.C. Schlick, N. Kapernaum, M.M. Neidhardt, T. Wöhrle, Y. Stöckl, S. Laschat, F. Giesselmann
ChemPhysChem 19, 2305-2312 (2018) DOI:10.1002/cphc.201800347
Twisting and untwisting of twisted nematic elastomers
Z. S. Davidson, N. Kapernaum, J. Fiene, F. Giesselmann, M. Sitti
Physical Review Materials 4, 105601 (2020) DOI:10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.4.105601
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